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Samoht Lahcom - The Greatest Project Manager in the World

Get to Know Me Better

Name: Doctor Mister Samoht (Sam) Lahcom

Country: Putympkin

Education: B.E. Asbestos Engineering, Synhaycz Polytechnic University

Languages: Putymnese, English (excuse but poor)

Company: Prefect Ministry of Industry (PMI)

Position: Project Manager for Life

Email: We have poor email service in my country. I have great relationship with fine US company called TenStep, Inc. Please send complements to They will forward to me.

Phone: I am too busy to accept phone calls unless you are offering money.

Surprise. Yes, my name is Sam Lahcom and I am the greatest project manager in the world. Please excuse my poor English. I am from the country of Putympkin. Project management is shiny and new to my country but I have been practicing this fine art for many many years before it has become so popular. Many peoples that work for me and rely on me for promotions have told me that I am in fact the greatest project manager in the world.



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